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Manage open, closed, and pending requests and service work orders real-time anywhere you have web access. Use a collaborative schedule to know where your field technicians and your trade partners are scheduled for inspection and repair. 






Technical Requirements and Information


Can I see all my offices in one place?

Punchlist Manager supports all of your locations and work sites. You can track each office separately in your own database (that we create for you) and control permissions for who can see what’s happening in each office.

Punchlist Manager is currently only available in English.

Does Punchlist Manager support other languages?

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, it’s called Intuitive Inspections and can be used on all iOS and Android mobile devices. It is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store but requires a mobile license to use. Intuitive Inspections allows your field personnel to create and complete QA inspections and/or punchlists, take and attach pictures, annotate those pictures, and submit those inspections for review right from the property. With Intuitive Inspections you are also able to view the inspections you have scheduled for the day.

Punchlist Manager also has a web-based app called Intuitive Mobile. With Intuitive Mobile your field personnel can access their daily schedule, see all pertinent home information, as well as edit, update, or close any of their open items. They can also easily email any item directly to the responsible trade right from the field.


Does Punchlist Manager integrate with any other products?

Yes, Punchlist Manager has seamless and quick integrations with BuilderMT, Sales Simplicity, Sage 300, Sage 100, and many others. To see how they work, please contact us for a demonstration.

Integrating your accounting software will save you time and costly errors. We integrate with 5 different accounting software products. Call (800) 583-8474 or email ServiceSoftwareSales@Verisk.com to let us know what accounting software you use, and we will show you how we can integrate with it.

Can I integrate with my accounting software?


Why does Punchlist Manager host my data?

There are several advantages to hosting your data with Punchlist Manager. First, hosting your own data greatly increases your investment in IT resources, requiring the purchase of expensive hardware as well as paying someone to maintain and run that hardware. We alleviate that investment and ongoing support requirement by hosting on your behalf. Second, Xactware (our parent company) is a major player in the tech industry, boasting top-tier security and redundancy fallbacks. Finally, because we host your data, you have faster and easier access to the latest product updates.

Each Punchlist Manager customer receives 100 GB of storage space. If you need more, we will work with you to make sure that you have enough.

How much storage space do I get?

Will I still own my data? Do you share it?

You are the sole owner of your data and we will never share it.

What does your data center look like?

We own and maintain all our equipment at CenturyLink’s Cyber Centers, one of the largest data center operators in North America. They are rated N+1 — the highest level in its data center class. We monitor server usage and respond to alerts 24/7. The secure facility is fingerprint entry controlled and only four of our team members have access.

Is my data backed up?

Our servers are RAID 5, which provides the highest level of data redundancy. Each customer receives an incremental backup every two hours, which is then stored separately for two weeks. We back up document files (Excel, Word, images, PDF, etc.) daily to a network attached storage device. Each night we transfer all database, document, and integration files offsite.

If I quit Punchlist Manager can I get a copy of my data?

If you decide to go in another direction, we will return all of your data back at no charge. You will receive an email containing a link to all of your data, which includes a standard export of your jobs, vendors, work orders, job and company correspondence summary/detail, company/contacts, and all the individual documents and images you stored in the application.

Is my data shared? Is it safe?

We understand your data privacy concerns and take them very seriously. Xactware and Verisk maintain the most stringent levels of data privacy and security. Our standards ensure that private data cannot be shared with anyone other than the owner without explicit, written permission.

Do I bring my data over from my current system?

Migrating your data from your current system into Punchlist Manager requires teamwork. We will work with you to bring your data into our system. You don’t have to migrate your data, but we’ve done it hundreds of times and are happy to help if you choose to.


What if I need help?

Your user license gives you unlimited access to our expert technical support team anytime Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time. You can also email them directly at servicesoftwaresupport@verisk.com. If we are virtually assisting you with resolving an issue, please click here to Connect to a Tech.

Is training available?

Punchlist Manager is easy and intuitive but does require training. Our specialists make sure that you and your team are completely set up and trained to get the most from Punchlist Manager. We also offer daily live training webinars. These free webinars are interactive, so you can ask questions as you learn. See the schedule and sign up on the Punchlist Manager University. You can also find training and help documents there. Additional onsite and classroom paid training is available. With onsite training, one of our expert trainers will spend a couple days teaching your team at your location. Classroom training is a two-day session at our office in Littleton, Colorado.


Is Punchlist Manager scalable?

Regardless of your company’s size, Punchlist Manager can adapt to fit. Punchlist Manager has a variety of pricing options, and it is scalable for any business—whether you have two employees or thousands, we’ll find the solution that’s most affordable and effective for your company.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Punchlist Manager offers a few different subscription options. With our Month to Month subscription, you can choose to opt out of service at any time. Punchlist Manager also offers 1, 2, and 3-year contracts. If you have committed to a 1-3 year service agreement and have decided to opt out of service prior to completion of your service agreement, the sum for the remainder of your contract will be due in order to cancel your subscription.

Can I get a demo of Punchlist Manager?

We love to show Punchlist Manager in action! Contact us at 800-583-8474 or email ServiceSoftwareSales@verisk.com and we’ll answer all your questions. All of our demos are live and interactive. We will walk you through the entire process from the time a job comes in to when it is closed, so you know exactly how it will work for you and your team.

How does pricing work?

Monthly pricing is according to your needs, and you never pay for more than what you use. We have monthly packages to get you started with an appropriate number of licenses for your business. Extra licenses can be added when needed for a small addition to your monthly fee. You can also remove licenses when they are no longer needed.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We can also work with alternative forms of payment. All monthly payments are automatic. We will email your monthly invoice to serve as your payment receipt.

Technical Requirements and Information

Does Punchlist Manager work on Windows and Mac?

Punchlist Manager is web-based, meaning that you can use it anywhere you can access the internet. Your data is stored in the cloud so you can access important job information anywhere you have internet. Punchlist Manager works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as macOS. We recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. You can also get our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

What are the minimum system requirements?

We suggest a quad core processor, a broadband internet connection, and a printer.

How often are updates and new releases?

Each quarter we update Punchlist Manager with new features and enhancements. These periodic releases can take several hours to implement, and we will notify you in advance of any unscheduled maintenance. We also regularly update Punchlist Manager University and post release notes, so you always know what’s new.



Technical Requirements and Information

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